Play Enigma HD Online Slot with Our Detailed Guide

Enigma HD is a slot game that can be played online. It is well known or having not only outstanding high quality graphics, but also for its theme of adventure and treasure hunting. The images used in the game are strongly reminiscent of movies such as Indiana Jones, with a soundtrack that adds to the immersion helps whisk players away with each spin of the reels.

The play system of the game uses five reels, which is fairly standard, but the bet lines are relatively few, only nine, which is much less than similar real money pokies . Players are allowed to adjust the bet lines, however, and the bet amount, which provides a level of interesting strategy. Enigma HD may be played on desktop, directly via a web browser, or mobile phone and tablet. Please keep in mind that the game is optimized for play on desktop, and that touch control on smaller mobile devices may take some getting used to.

More About Play Symbols

Each symbol image used in Enigma HD drips with quality and attention to detail. From a mud splattered Jeep symbol to the gorgeous woman on either side of the play area, it is clear that much effort has gone into the visual design. It is, however, a little disappointing that the lower value symbols are standard playing card numbers, instead of original creations.

The rules of the game are as would be expected, with players spinning the reels and hoping to create matching sequences in the play area. Payouts are made depending on the value of the sequence created. The symbols with the most value are the picture symbols, which will offer good payouts if matched with themselves the minimum of three times, and maximum of five times. The low value symbols are, as already said, the playing card numbers, that payout only a moderate amount. In order to rake in the real cash, the player should keep their eye out for the sinister cobra symbol.

Slithering Bonus Wins

One may not think of a cobra as a friendly or lucky creature, but in Enigma HD this scaly serpent is a one way ticket to riches. Match the cobra symbol the maximum of five times, anywhere on the reels, and sit back and watch the loot roll in. Twenty free spins are awarded, with each win made during the free spins multiplied by a massive four hundred times. Free spins are also awarded for matching the cobra four times, or three times, but with a much lower multiplier. Keep an eye out also for the lion symbol, who is a wild and will match with all other symbols to create winning sequences.

User Interface Basics

The user interface of Enigma HD, like the rest of the game, has amazing attention to detail in terms of aesthetic design. Take note of the spin button, crusted with a metallic snake jewel that seems to leap out of the screen. There is also an autospin button, which allows spins be taken automatically with no input from the player, and a playtable button, which will explain the game rules in more detail.