Play Enigma HD Online Slot with Our Detailed Guide

Enigma HD is a slot game that can be played online. It is well known or having not only outstanding high quality graphics, but also for its theme of adventure and treasure hunting. The images used in the game are strongly reminiscent of movies such as Indiana Jones, with a soundtrack that adds to the immersion helps whisk players away with each spin of the reels.

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Lady in Red Online Slots Review for New Players

Developed by Microgaming, Lady in Red is based on Chris de Burgh’s very popular song, “Lady in Red”.  Lady in Red takes place in an upmarket jazz club where expensive drinks are served and the patrons are well dressed and enjoy the finest food.  This online casino slot game has five reels and twenty five paylines.

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A Quick Introduction to Cryptologic Captain America Slot

Cryptologic Captain America is an online slot game inspired by the classic Marvel comic book series. Captain America has recently shot to prominence as a result of the success of several Marvel films. This online slot however draws more inspiration from the original comic book.

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Review of the Classic Double Diamond Slot Game

Double Diamond slot game is regarded as something of a classic among three reel slot games. It is a game produced by the notable games developer IGT, and was originally a popular game at land based casinos. IGT has transformed the game to an online version, and Double Diamond will certainly take its place among the online three reel slots noted for smooth game play and clean lines. Continue reading “Review of the Classic Double Diamond Slot Game”

How to Use Casino Bonus Codes

Due to the massive competition between online casinos, bonuses are becoming more and more popular as they attempt to not only incentivise new sign ups, but reward their loyal patrons for returning time and time again too. Although bonuses are essentially free money with which you are able to play casino games, remember to make sure you always read the terms and conditions attached to each, since failing to meet the stipulations will result in you being unable to make use of the money on offer from the casino. These can encompass playthroughs, game restrictions and other aspects of play, so be sure you understand them from the very beginning in order to maximise the benefits of these sometimes very generous offers.

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Online Video Poker Alternative Double Double Bonus

The game on the virtual table today is online video poker Double Double Bonus from Amaya Games. This variation of video poker is very similar to the previous version of this game, the one with one less double in its name. The game is clear and concise, with rudimentary graphics and a simple gameplay so that all players can experience the game, in its most fundamental form. Otherwise this game plays out much the same way that most video poker games tend to do and so does of course feel a bit like a slot game from time to time, given the draw process and card hand evaluation process. All in all though games like these promise some solid gameplay. Continue reading “Online Video Poker Alternative Double Double Bonus”

Mambo Stud Casino Game Introduced to Players

Mambo stud is a card game often played in some casinos. It uses rules similar to Texas Hold ‘Em poker, but with less cards. Mambo Stud is played by making three card hands, and is referred to as a widow game. This means that it uses a community card dealt face up to the centre of the table, which all players will use in making their winning hand.

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