Online Video Poker Alternative Double Double Bonus

The game on the virtual table today is online video poker Double Double Bonus from Amaya Games. This variation of video poker is very similar to the previous version of this game, the one with one less double in its name. The game is clear and concise, with rudimentary graphics and a simple gameplay so that all players can experience the game, in its most fundamental form. Otherwise this game plays out much the same way that most video poker games tend to do and so does of course feel a bit like a slot game from time to time, given the draw process and card hand evaluation process. All in all though games like these promise some solid gameplay.

The graphics of this relatively simple online video poker game will likely not deter any players as these sorts of games rarely tend to put flash over substance onto the screen, rather letting the actual poker do the majority of the leg work. Otherwise this Double Double Bonus video poker variation from Amaya Games also has a few tricks up its sleeve, including some additional bonus features and even a gamble feature, which is definitely a one up from the previous version released. On the whole this game of video poker wraps itself up into quite a neat package.

Setup and Play with Double Double Bonus

Video poker games are definitely unique experiences from their table game counterparts and so even players familiar with the card game itself may find the setup of this variation a little more confusing. That being said this would only result through complete inexperience since these video poker games, particular this Double Double Bonus one, tend to be rather self-explanatory. To start the game off players must first place an ante bet. This is done through the different betting options buttons available to the players through the buttons listed below the game. Once the bet is placed the cards are dealt. Players then have the option of holding a number of these cards and discarding, and then replacing the remainder.

Once the final hand is formed the cards are then compared to the given pay table and the necessary prizes doled out. This begins as early as Jacks or better, which is a pair of jacks or greater, and ends of course with the royal flush. Overall players will find that should they play their cards right there could just be some potential wins in store.

Additional Features to Double Double Bonus Poker

Because just playing online video poker can be a little monotonous, there are a few additional features involved with this Double Double Bonus video poker game from Amaya Games. The first of these is the one present in the first version of this video poker game, which are bonuses awarded on the cards discarded during a round. This means that there is just that little bit extra strategy involved, as players have to accommodate the discarded cards into the equation now too. The other feature is a online gambling option which allows players to chance doubling or even quadrupling their winnings after a round by betting on a randomly drawn card’s colour or suit respectively.