Crown Gems Online Slot Review and Details

Crown Gems Online Slot

The Crown Gems slot machine game, created by Bercrest Software, is an online gambling console with unique features. The game is based around a basic theme of valuable headwear, and on the surface appears to be a simple game, with no special features or bonuses. A closer look, however, will reveal that the game has a highly unique and intuitive system called high roller. To play the game, please download it onto your portable device, if this is the desired play platform, or simply open the game in a compatible web browser.

In order to play for real money, please ensure that you are logged into an active account, and that funds are available for play that you have deposited using MasterCard or other methods.

Basic Play Guide

The Crown Gems slot machine game uses the traditional rules. This requires a player first make an upfront bet, after which the reels may be spun. Upon the reels coming to a rest any matching sequences created will automatically be marked, and appropriate payouts made. Payout value will be determined by the value of the symbols in the sequence. Note that Crown Gems is a five reel, ten line play system, with the betting amount adjusted via the interface at the bottom left of the screen. Play lines may not be adjusted in the game, however, and all ten play lines are automatically used for every spin. Note that this game has a unique high roller feature, which will alter the basic rules of the game. To learn more about this feature, please read the section below. You may also tap the help button on the game interface at any time for more information about the game, and the possible winning sequences.

Crown Gems Internet Slot

Standard Win Play Icons

Like some Apple watch pokies at, the Crown Gems slot machine game has a simple selection of standard play tiles. These include the jack, queen, king and ace of playing cards, which are the lowest value icons, as well as green, blue and red gems, which have moderate value. The most valuable symbol in the game is the golden crown, which will give a good payout if matched with itself at least three times, and a maximum of five times

High Roller Feature

The high roller feature of the Crown Gems slot machine game is the feature that sets it apart. At any time the player may click the button at the bottom right of the screen, which will open a window. In this window the player may select to increase the play lines by ten, up to a total of fifty, which each set of ten new play lines also increasing the bet by ten. When the selection is made, the player may click to start a set five automatic spins. That is to say, the player may purchase a number of spins with added play lines for a set amount. Once the spins are completed, and payouts made, the player will return to the standard game of ten play lines. Note that the high roller option may be purchased at any time between standard spins.