Golf Betting Basics for Online Punters

Golf Betting Basics

Although the precise origins of golf remain clouded in obscurity, people have been enjoying betting on it for about as long as it has been played, and, thanks to the wonders of the World Wide Web, punters have never enjoyed a higher level of convenience doing so.

Although side bets were initially infrequently placed when the game first started being played, with betting more frequently occurring between the players of the game, that fact could not be less true these days, and punters all around the world are enjoying making predictions and putting a little extra money in the bank. The best players in the worlds are taking part in terrific tournaments all year round, and bettors are now able to lay wagers right from the comfort of their own homes on the outcome of these, no matter where in the world the games are actually being played.

Finding a Good Golf Betting Website

The vast majority of online bookmakers will allow punters to place bets on the outcomes of golf games, and bettors can look forward to accessing not only the world-famous tournaments that so many spectators tune in for, but the lesser-known competitions as well.

The key to finding the best golf bookmaker online is this latter offering: punters need to establish how many of the smaller matches and tournaments they make available, with this group including women’s golf matches; ProAm events; and the numerous second-tier tournaments that are happening across the globe all year long. Punters are advised not to join betting websites that focus only on the main events like the Masters tournaments, as this will have the result of their betting opportunities being narrowed considerably.

Types of Golf Bets

The Types of Golf Bets Available to Online Punters

Online bookmakers at places like will generally make two kinds of golf bets available to punters:

  1. The tournament win bet
  2. Those that are made on the result of matchups between two players that have been selected by the bookmaker

Punters who are still finding their feet in the exciting world of online bookmaking as regards golf betting games are advised to focus on the first wager, the tournament win, since these events’ outcomes are more easily predicted, especially when a player has been successful for an extended period of time, in the manner that Tiger Woods has been. While it has to be said that there has not yet been a player to rival the kind of achievements that Mr Woods enjoyed in quite a while, taking a closer look at individual players’ standings and overall ability may well result in punters correctly predicting the outcome of a major event.

Bets made on matchups between particular players can also prove very profitable: bookmakers select the matchups, posting the details of these on their sites, and allow punters to select which player they think will win. This bet has punters only attempting to predict which individual will have higher standing when the tournament draws to a close, and is thus an excellent wager when the outcome is not quite as cut and dry as a punter may have hoped.