Some of the Biggest Boxing Shocks at a Glance

Some of the Biggest Boxing Shocks

Boxing is one of those sports where upsets and surprises often happen. Being knowledgeable about the fighters and keeping up to date with boxing news will help punters to make a successful wager. In this article some of the biggest boxing shocks in the history of this sport are listed.

Louis and Schmeling

Joe Louis was a rising star and in 1934 was set to fight against the former champion Max Schmeling. The outcome seemed inevitable, but Schmeling had been watching Louis in other fights and had found his week spot and knocked him out in round 12 with his famous right hand swing.

Braddock and Baer

The Jim Braddock and Max Baer fight in 1935 was seen to be the greatest career turnaround in the history of the sport.  Braddock also known as the “Cinderella Man” had not had a good fighting career and had only won 9 fights out of 30.  He then put a few wins under his belt, one of them being against Baer with odds of 10 to 1 in favour of Baer.

Robinson and Turpin

In 1951 Sugar Ray Robinson who at the time was known as the greatest boxer of his time and who had only lost 1 fight out of 130 was beaten by Randy Turpin, a good fighter, but was definitely not considered as threat to Robinson.

Clay and Liston

This boxing shock is listed mainly for historical significance as well as the 8-1 odds against Cassius Clay who fought against the invincible Sonny Liston in 1964. Everyone thought the fight would end quickly with Liston knocking Clay out. What happened was said to be the beginning of an era in heavyweight boxing. Clay knocked out Liston in 7 rounds.

Clay and Liston Boxing Shock

Ali and Foreman

All boxing fans would know about the Muhammad Ali, George Foreman fight in 1974, which took place in Zaire. Foreman was the fighter favoured to win this fight and Ali’s chances did not look good. But in round 8 Ali knocked out Foreman after an exhausting fight that Foreman could not come back from.

Douglas and Tyson

The fight between Buster Douglas and Mike Tyson in 1990 ended in a shock as Tyson the fighter who at the time was the favourite to win was knocked out in the 10th round by Douglas. At the time of the fight Tyson was going through some personal problems as well as problems with his trainer and management team and all of these factors contributed to this loss. Douglas was considered the underdog with odds of 42 to 1 in favour of Tyson. This is considered the biggest upset in the sport of boxing and probably in sporting history and one that many punters made a meal on with the leading sports betting offers for an upset.

Rahman and Lewis

Hasim Rahman and Lennox Lewis fought in 2001 with Lewis being the favourite to win.  Lewis had a busy schedule at the time yet the odds were still 20 to 1 in his favour.  Rahman was able to knock out Lewis in round 5, which came as a complete surprise.

Sanders and Klitschko

Corrie Sanders was already retired and had gone back to playing golf.  In 2003 Sanders was to fight Wladimir Klitschko and everyone though that Sanders who was then out of shape would lose the fight.  The odds on this fight were 20-1 in favour of Klitschko, but in round 2 Sanders surprised everyone by knocking him out.

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